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Introducing Browser: Engage The World Around You

Find The Right One Right Now!

Changing the way you meet people…

Swipe Left… Swipe Left… Oh, cute swipe Right… Swipe Left again… How long have you been doing this?

Tired of spending most of your time on a smartphone looking for dates and not actually going on them? Well here is an app that is set to change the face of online dating. Introducing Browser! The App that’s ready to take the world by storm. Browser eliminates the need for setting up a date and waiting to meet your ideal match, and will connect you in real time with real people in your vicinity

Browser bridges the gap between virtual dating and reality. With the advanced GPS features available on all smart devices you can connect to people around you. You can stop worrying about missed connections and focus on the here and now.

How it works?

All you have to really do is go to your favorite place. It can be a restaurant, theatre, airport, or any place you frequent.  You WILL find someone there.

If you spend more than three minutes in a particular place, you will automatically appear as a Visible Connection to other Browser users around you. Browser is your icebreaker, see someone you like, and you can directly send them a message without having to drum up the courage to walk up to them.

Once the message is sent the user can either reply to the message within 10 minutes, or it expires automatically after the time is up, thus reducing any kind of awkwardness. If you need a bit more time, you can either give a short extension to the message or even redeem one that has already expired. This works both ways, so you don’t need to be rude if you aren’t attracted to someone who approached you.

Worried about your privacy? Don’t be!  Your safety is our number one priority.  When at your registered home address the “Home” settings makes you undetectable to any Browser users around. This feature helps you control when and how you want to meet people.

With the multitude of dating sites we stand out from the crowd, and if you have been using other apps, you will definitely see the difference.

End catfishing!

Meeting face to face has its own unique benefits that you can avail only when you use Browser. How many other apps can guarantee that “What you see is what you get.” Using any other app is like going on a blind date that you set up for yourself. How many times have you walked away disappointed that your date didn’t look anything like their profile picture? With Browser all you have to do is look up.  You will see your potential date for yourself. Still attracted to them? Go ahead and send a message.

Don’t know where to go? Check the Overview Map.

Let Browser be your guide.  Browser is like that one friend that knows every hip place in town. Just log on see where the party is. The overview map shows you multiple locations to hang out, and you can research what is going on there before you leave the house. Download QR codes and promotions from within the App.  Browser sends you a promo code that you can redeem at the location. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect night out?

Redefining Dating Apps.

Are you bored of every dating app having the exact same features and functions? At Browser our expert coders have done away with all of the annoying features that are found in other apps and aim to give you only the very best. Want to send pictures to your date? Use our exclusive messenger. Don’t want that picture to be saved, set a timer so that it disappears once the allotted time is up. To prove that we have thought about it all you can also browse through profiles of the people around when bored be it on the treadmill next to you or the bar stool across from you. Let us be your Wingman, or well your wing woman.

Put an end to the awkward “How I met your Mother” story.

Imagine telling your kids the story of how you met their mother, would you say that you were flicking through potential hookups and swiped right, matched, sent each other messages, then set up a date, and that was the first time you met or that your eyes met across the room, and it was love at first sight. I’m sure you can decide which story is better.

Moments are all that we have.

Browser helps you make the most of the here and now. Soon to be available on both App Store as well as Google Play just register with us and get notified as soon as the app is released and avail free access to our premium accounts with exclusive early bird offers.

Get ready to engage the world around you and find your ideal match all in real time.

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